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Wooden GeoBoard

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An amazing Montessori toy to introduce to your toddler, the wooden Geo-Board helps to improve hand-eye coordination and imagination, colour and shape recognition and recall. It is a wonderful tool to improve pincer grip and fine motor skills too. From learning letters and numbers, and creating art, to being able to explore basic geometric shapes, this tool not only helps develop muscle control and visual skill but also increases the child’s attention span and ability to concentrate. 

It was invented and popularised by the Egyptian mathematician and pedagogist Caleb Gattegno, who is best known for his innovative approach to teaching and learning mathematics. Traditionally, the geoboard was used to teach shapes, angles, and number patterns – essentially a manipulative tool to teach elementary geometry in schools. Over time, the Wooden Geo Board has found its place in early childhood development.

The Wooden Geo Board allows free play and exploration by simply stretching the bands that later transform into shapes of their own design.

Ideal for kids over 3 years right up to 15 years, it is recommended that you demonstrate safe use of the bands to the child. The bands can be a choking hazard and can cause harm to the child or others if left unattended. Adult supervision is necessary for safe play.

The geoboard comes packed in an attractive handmade cotton bag, making it wonderful to gift and to store. The rubber bands are recyclable and colourful, making it visual delight for kids.

Material Specifications:

Made from imported birch ply and finished with a water based coating. All the pegs are rounded and smooth.