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Wooden Flashcard Holder

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A learning essential for your little one!

A sturdy wooden flashcard holder made from top-quality wood to help you accelerate your child’s learning process. It is to help them focus on one card at a time without having to worry about holding it and organizing them effectively.

Learning can be lots of fun when you incorporate creative methods!

Flashcards provide a fun and interactive approach to learning through engaging in active recalls. Learning through flashcards helps stimulate memory and create long-lasting connection with the card’s contents. From Basic concepts like Numbers, shapes, or alphabets to advanced concepts like habitats, seasons, etc. flash cards make learning fun & engaging. Flash cards are an essential homeschooling tool and this tool is sure to help you make it more effective.

Our wooden flashcard holder can hold up to 1-6 flashcards at once, allowing you to teach one concept through a series of 6 cards to your child.

Ready to level up your child’s learning? Include this handy tool in their learning set!

Material Specification : Beech Wood

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Very thoughtfully designed!

Love the quality