Tikiri - Baby Brachiosauras Rubber Toy
Tikiri - Baby Brachiosauras Rubber Toy
Tikiri - Baby Brachiosauras Rubber Toy
Tikiri - Baby Brachiosauras Rubber Toy
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Tikiri - Baby Brachiosauras Rubber Toy

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Meet the brachiosauras from the dino pack. A gentle herbivore,long necked and looks like an elephant. But do not underestimate him, he may be taller than treetops and as heavy as a truck. Tikiri-baby-brachiosauras-rubber-toy is a friendly roommate of out t-rex dino. The soft rubber toy is colored with a divine intoxicating blue.This blue color is an everlasting source of delight. The color depicts the character of the brachiosauras,simple, infinite and closest to truth.This simple blue natural rubber toy for babies will surely promote calmness,thoughtfulness and peace.

This plaything will definitely give a reason for your baby to smile and wash away his worries. Brachiosauras rubber animal toy is a blend of strength and gentleness.The beauty of the toy will melt your heart since its gentleness is so evident. This soft rubber toy is definitely a sign of hope and goodwill. This gentle squeaky rubber toy for babies will make your home a paradise upon earth.
It is not a toy;it is a feeling forever.

Roar! Roar! The dinosaurs are here to delight and entertain your little ones. These dinosaurs are perfect for toddler playtime as they are soft and wont hurt them nor break when they tumble. Ideal as a soothing chew toy or as a wonderful addition to bath time fun. They have no holes in which mold could hide and hence are also ideal bath-time playmates. Pairs wonderfully with the rest of the Tikiri Dino Crew!

Made of natural rubber from Hevea, a tree primarily grown in beautiful Sri Lanka. The rubber is collected very gently so the trees don't get damaged and the production of Tikiri toys stays nature friendly.

Each toy is beautifully hand painted with non-toxic paint making them unique; your baby can play for hours with Tikiri Dinos.

Size: 18cm x 14cm
Age Recommendation: 12+ months

Features: Toy is made from pure natural rubber. Certified non toxic, BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free. Designed to be easily gripped by little hands.

Materials: Pure Natural Latex.

Product care: For full wash instructions see product label. For light cleaning, wipe surface of this toy with soapy water and a damp cloth. As a precaution, check regularly and do not give to babies or children if worn or damaged. Do not leave in direct sunlight.

Safety Standards: This product complies with European EN71 Standards and US ASTM F963. Please keep information for future reference. Remove all packaging, attachments and fasteners before giving this item to your child.

Made in Sri Lanka