Squirrel Wooden Puzzle for Kids
Squirrel Wooden Puzzle for Kids
Squirrel Wooden Puzzle for Kids
Squirrel Wooden Puzzle for Kids
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Squirrel Wooden Puzzle for Kids

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Buy Squirrel Wooden Puzzles online in India

Squirrel wooden Puzzles for kids online in India are the extraordinary open-ended toys for toddlers as they are hugely beneficial and valuable for them more than one different ways. Letting kids play the wooden Puzzles will help to develop language abilities, math aptitudes, eye to hand coordination and some more. So buy Squirrel wooden Puzzles online in India for your children as they are an extraordinary way to introduce the kid to handle shapes, patterns, and colours. Wooden Puzzles for kids are an extraordinary learning device that helps in enhancing the kid's mental development.

3 piece Squirrel Wooden Puzzle is a curiosity kindling puzzle set for children and babies finished in the shape of a squirrel. Squirrel wooden puzzles are manufacture high-quality plywood called Birch Ply. And this wooden puzzles for kids are designed especially for kids to ensure that there is no possibility of injuries while playing. Squirrel Wooden puzzle online in India are hand-carved to make it easy-to-hold for the little fingers. Wooden toys online in India at altretail are manufactured from natural wood and finely finished to be looking like the Squirrel as they cherished by children of all age. Squirrel wooden Puzzles for kids are intended to fuel the child's creative mind which will, in the end, build up their inventive and imaginative aptitudes. Our wooden Puzzles for kids are totally sheltered to play with as the wood from which the Puzzles are made is covered with odourless and water-based paint to dispose of the rough surface of the wood. Squirrel wooden Puzzle will entertain the children with 3 major pieces with smooth and round edge, cut with care to make it easy to grip for little fingers. It is designed in such a way that the pieces will fit only in one way – this advances the kid's perception, improves engine aptitudes, and constructs their critical thinking and thinking capacity, and lifts certainty and confidence. Basic 3 bits of Puzzles are an extraordinary route for your little child to figure out how Puzzles work.

Squirrel Wooden Puzzle's Material Specification

Handmade from imported birch ply
Finished with a water-based coating
3 Big chunks of disassembled Squirrel
Height - 5 inches (Fully set)
Width - 3 inches (Fully set)

Buying Wooden puzzles for kids will take away all the tantrums as they keep them engaged all the time. Most importantly, making kids play with wooden puzzles as early as possible will help to develop so many skills at a very young age. Wooden puzzles for kids is the best foundation for learning things by themselves from a young age as wooden puzzles open the door for self-learning from their trail and error. This Squirrel wooden toys for kids will boost their creativity, memory, and confidence. The set of the animal puzzle comes packed in an attractive handmade cotton bag, making it wonderful to gift and to store. This set is a great way to introduce your little one to puzzles!