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Pull Along Wooden Peg Doll Wagon

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2-in-1 Peg Doll Wagon Toy - An open-ended surprise for tiny storytellers!

A pull along wagon with a detachable tray and 6 Peg Dolls - this toy is sure to fire up your little ones imagination. A 2-in-1 toy that helps foster imagination, hone fine motor skills besides providing hours of fun and play. 

Toddlers are explorers! They live in their own universe and have a different way of seeing the world. As they try to make sense of everything around them, they form stories of their own to relate to the real world.
Peg Dolls are a great way to encourage this creative skill of storytelling in toddlers and preschoolers.

We have combined Peg Dolls with a pull along wagon to double the fun and enhance the play experience. 

  • The toy encourages them to express their imagination and thoughts in endless ways in the form of exciting stories as they engage in pretend play.
  • As kids move around the peg dolls with their hands and place them in their slots, they hone their fine motor skills.
  • Imagining the peg dolls in different ways and creating stories helps in strengthening their communication skills and enhances their creative thinking.
  • The minimally designed toy helps them relate to the real-world better and explore more.
Product Features
  • It is a pull-along wagon toy that comes with a detachable tray and 6 peg dolls. Once the tray is removed, it works as a pull-along wagon.
  • The peg dolls are painted with different colors, inspired by the Colors used by the artist Piet Mondrian, offering a delightful and gender-neutral play experience. 
  • The shapes are simple, aesthetic, and have a fine wooden finish.


Order this set of open-ended fun for your little one and watch them create magic with their stories!

Material Specification: Beech wood + Rubber Wood Lumber Board



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Gifted it to my nephew & he simply loved it … pulls it along anywhere he goes !