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ALT Retail Rocker Boards

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A dutch-designed toy, rocker boards were used by Waldorf teachers not only for their developmental benefits but also for their open-ended play value. They can be used in a multitude of ways.

A toy that helps develop balance, gain body awareness and stimulate vestibular system. These unique boards were originally created to help children develop balance, and are also excellent for stimulating the vestibular system and proprioception (awareness of one's physical body and its parts).

Rocker boards are great for indoor explorations and outdoor adventures. The rocker board can be a balance board, a bridge, a rocking chair, a racetrack, a step, a tunnel or a fort – anything you imagine it to be. They can be enjoyed by all ages from toddlers to teens to even adults!

Each board is made from beautifully, natural textured Beech Plywood and crafted to a precise curve, before being sanded and finished with water-based lacquers.

SIZE : 35 inches long x 12 inches wide x 7 inches in height from floor to top of curve (when laying like a rainbow)

Weight – Supports toddlers, teens and adults upto 100 Kg.

A Note About Wooden Toys: Wood is a natural material and as such, has various unique markings. Variations in wood grain, color, knots, or texture are all natural occurrences in these wooden products. These unique variations and markings are proof of quality, not defects. Enjoy the markings that make your toy unique!

Customer Reviews

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My daughter & I both love this product.
I use it for my workouts, to help in balance 💕

Great Quality

I absolutely love the quality of this toy. So clean and strong. It's a great indoor toy that my son thoroughly enjoys.