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ALT Retail Coloring book - Endangered Animal Series based on Indian Art Forms

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Coloring is a Fun, Engaging, less-prep and independent activity for kids. Coloring books are often viewed as the easiest engaging activity for children, but it is much more than that.

Coloring and drawing both help kids improve fine motor skills. They also help the brain to focus. Holding and learning to grip the pencil correctly for control while coloring helps with coordination in grip and muscle strength. And our coloring book is unique, entertaining and informative while being playful and sustainable. 

India is home to over 50 traditional folk and tribal art forms which have been passed down from generations for hundreds of years. This book intends to make children aware of those art forms and also help them bond with nature by learning about the endangered species and their environment. Conversations lead to conservation. This books enable parents to start conversations around various art forms, endangered species of India and conservation.

To make learning fun and relaxing, the coloring book has been designed for multi-dimensional use. To color, to sketch, to doodle; anything that lets the child’s mind relax and helps their creativity flow.

Made from recycled paper, the book comes with 10 newspaper coloring pencils.

100% sustainable. 100% eco-friendly. A fun, engaging and limited preparation activity, this book is great for travel, gifts and return favors.

Benefits of Coloring:

- Develops fine motor skills

- Encourage color recognition

- Enhance concentration

- Encourage patience and mindfulness

Product Features:

  • Printed on certified Recycled Paper
  • Features hand illustrations of endangered animals of India illustrated in Indian Art Forms like Bhil Art, Warli Art, Madhubani, etc.

Help your child discover and learn about the endangered species of India and the various Indian art forms through this unique coloring book!

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