Tikiri Toys - home of ethically made 100% natural rubber and cotton baby toys

Tikiri Logo

Born in Sri Lanka, Tikiri is a brand whose products are based on the well-being of children and toddlers. From the conception of toys designed to meet children’s physical and emotional development, to their ethically sustainable production with eco-friendly and durable materials like cotton or natural rubber.

In local dialect, Tikiri means Teeny Tiny, a word with a sweet and soft sound, just like our toys. For all their rubber toys, Tikiri uses only natural rubber, and thus 100% eco-friendly. As part of our core values, all our products are ethically sourced, so that we can be sure to leave a healthier world to future generations.

Our collection is designed for new-borns & young children. Babies recognize and reassured by the familiar scent and soothing touch of natural rubber. The gentle soft cotton touch of each toy in the collection is pleasing to touch.

Did you know ?

Natural rubber comes from the Hevea, a tree primarily grown in Sri Lanka. By sourcing and producing all their toys here in Sri Lanka, Tikiri greatly minimise both their carbon footprint as well as their impact in the environment.

Meiya & Alvin Logo

The Meiya and Alvin Collection

The Meiya and Alvin Collection embodies the values of a world of innocence in which children can just be who they are — a world where the air and water are clean and the purity of childhood remains uncompromised. Natural, sustainable and recycled materials, manufacturing make our products safe 

All products in the Meiya & Alvin Collection show great respect for the environment. We know that by respecting our environment, we are respecting our planet and preparing it for future generations. Here’s to a better world for all our Chilren!

Goodnight Wildwood Collection

Goodnight Wildwood Collection

With the “Goodnight Wildwood” collection, we invite you to discover who lives between the trees of the colorful wildwood forest. The “Goodnight Wildwood” collection looks like just the world we know : with familiar, friendly animals, but with its own colors, shapes and sound that make it extra-magical. Colors & patterns have been carefully selected to suit the sensory needs of toddlers.

Meant as an ode to nature and childhood, the “Goodnight Wildwood” collection is sustainably and ethically produced and has been designed to meet the emotional and sensorial needs of children from new-borns to the older preschoolers.