Who We Are?

We are a Mom-led and parent-approved venture, that creates fun, open-ended, and gender-neutral toys that allow kids to play independently and have imaginative play experiences.

About Us


At ALT Retail, we create thoughtfully designed products that encourage kids to explore, engage, connect and learn all through the power of play. We have a wide selection of products that work well for kids at each age, including early learning toys, dinnerware sets, and toys that help with their gross motor skills.

We love toys that are beautifully crafted, made responsibly and are safe not just for humans but for the environment too. We believe these products should be accessible to everyone. And this is our raison d'être.

Our toys are free from plastic, harmful chemicals and offer Screen-free delight to your little ones.



Our Philosophy:


Play is pivotal for kids to make sense of their world!

It is through play that infants, toddlers and children, explore, engage and experience the world around them and their role within it.
Engaging in a variety of play helps them develop necessary skills, physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills, to not just survive but thrive.

Karl Groos, Philosopher and Naturalist, defined play as an activity that

(1) is self-chosen and self-directed,

(2) is motivated by means more than ends, 

(3) is guided by mental rules, and

(4) includes a strong element of imagination.

Open-ended play is wholly child-led and progresses based on how the child chooses to engage with the toy.  As they get more intuitive and creative in their play, they’re able to engage with the toy in their own unique and special way.

Creating the right environment and using age-appropriate, non-digital, open-ended toys can hugely impact their overall early development. 

At ALT Retail, our mission is to create fun, sustainably crafted products that encourage JOYFUL and IMAGINATIVE PLAY EXPERIENCES for your children and family. 

  • Open-Ended

    Our toys don’t come with an instruction manual!It’s the kids who get to lead the play. They discover new ways of playing and use their creativity to reimagine the toy and their play. It is the child who gets to lead the play.


  • Sustainable Products

    Our products are so robust that kids can enjoy them for years to come, making them a sustainable choice. Unlike plastic toys, they aren’t ones to break that easily!

  • Gender Neutral

    When you remove gender-based labels from toys, kids feel free to
    explore areas that really interest them. Keeping that in mind, we have designed our products in such a way that they appeal to kids irrespective of their gender.

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