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Kids love toys. Toys are a child’s first best friend and companion. But are all toys good for your precious? The market is inundated with a thousand different options and choosing a toy is no child’s play.

A good toy is not a fancy, expensive toy. A toy should provide the baby with some opportunity to ignite their imagination and encourage them to interact with the world and others around them. Infants & toddlers are eager to explore and learn. A toy should be able to stimulate their senses. Toys are a great way to build gross motor skills and support your child’s development.
With every color, shape and texture the child is learning. Rattles, teethers and contrasting color toys are great first companions for your child. Open-ended play is the best for your child's development. Toys that promote open-ended play should be encouraged. These toys help them build critical life skills like problem-solving and encourage creativity & imagination.
The material of the toy is as important as the toy itself. Choose natural material toys that are safe for your little one and not harmful for the environment too.

There are plethora of toys online in India. But not all the toys are safe for kids to play. Most often, kids tend to put any and every toy in their mouth. And most of the toys are made of plastic which contains BPA (Bisphenol A).

BPA is an industrial chemical which is used in almost everything starting from toys to food containers (utensils). Many reports claim that BPA is toxic and everyone should try to avoid it completely in your day-to-day life. And now you have an option of completely avoiding the harmful and deadly toxin BPA in your life.

Buy Rubber toys at altretail where you can find a safer alternative for your little ones. Our toys are made of natural rubber and rubber toys are BPA-free and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly toys are the best thing you could give your kids as these rubber toys guarantees the utmost safety, unlike regular BPA plastic toys. All our toy categories are eco-friendly and safe to play with. Altretail showcases a plethora of eco-friendly rubber toys for kids of all stages. Check out different types of toys online in India.

Tikiri Rubber Toys Features

  • Made of pure natural rubber
  • Non-toxic
  • BPA free
  • Phthalate and PVC free
  • Easy to grip
  • Highly Durable
  • Eco-friendly

Buy Tikiri Toys online in India

Tikiri toys are indigenous to Sri Lanka. Tikiri toys are homemade natural rubber toys. There are also cotton toys which are made from 100% pure cotton. Tikiri toys are ethically manufactured to ensure safe playtime for kids. The material used to fabricated tikiri toys is of high-grade and transcendence quality. Tikiri toys are perfect for baby's first toy and it suits for toddlers and children too. These rubber toys are delicately designed to delight the kids. Moreover, Tikiri toys online are easy to grip, docile, light in weight.

In the Sri Lankan language, Tikiri means teeny tiny. These Sri Lankan based rubber toys are predominantly fabricated for the well being of kids and toddlers, to enhance the kids' cognitive, physical and emotional development. Tikiri toys are very sustainable and durable product that is made from the eco-friendly material like natural rubber and cotton. Thus, all our toys are 100% eco-friendly and rubber toys and soft toys are sold around the globe. Both the rubber and softs toys are easy to hold and squishy which give immense satisfaction for the kids and children.

The Meiya and Alvin collection

The Meiya and Alvin Collection showcases soft toys which embody the values of a world of innocence in which children can just be who they are — a world where the air and water are clean and the purity of childhood remains uncompromised. Natural, sustainable and recycled materials, manufacturing make our products safe.

All products in the Meiya & Alvin Collection show great respect for the environment. We know that by respecting our environment, we are respecting our planet and preparing it for future generations. Here’s to a better world for all our children. Buy Soft toys online in India at best price.

Goodnight Wildwood Collection

With the “Goodnight Wildwood” collection, we invite you to discover who lives between the trees of the colorful wildwood forest. The “Goodnight Wildwood” collection looks like just the world we know: with familiar, friendly animals, but with its own colors, shapes and sound that make it extra-magical. Colors & patterns have been carefully selected to suit the sensory needs of toddlers.

Meant as an ode to nature and childhood, the “Goodnight Wildwood” collection is sustainably and ethically produced and has been designed to meet the emotional and sensorial needs of children from new-borns to the older preschoolers.