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Bamboo Dinner Set For Baby


Mealtimes with kids are one of the best and troublesome time for most mommies. Mini-humans are the most complex creatures when it comes to food. The market is inundated with several options and how do you choose the best option. Bamboo dinner set that is safe for your child and yet stylish. Our Bamboo dinner set is an attempt to make meal-times more safe and fun for both the child and parents. You can buy our bamboo dinner set online specially designed for kids.

Our Bamboo dinner set online is made from natural bamboo fibre and is completely safe for your child. Bamboo dinner set is a complete meal kit and includes all the necessary items including spoon, forks, plates and bowls. This bamboo dinner set is a complete dinner set for kids online, where you will get all your tableware items in a single set. And you don't need to buy any additional accessories, as you will get all meal-time necessities for kids with bamboo dinner set.

Bamboo Plate and Bowl set Highlights
This 5 piece bamboo dinner set is easy to grip for kids and toddlers.
Bamboo dinner sets are made of natural and high-quality bamboo. And most importantly, you don't worry about the plastics and chemicals. Our bamboo dinner sets are approved by the FDA.
bobo& boo bamboo dinner sets are reusable, renewable and highly durable. You can use it at home or for outdoor parties and picnics. And it is stackable which will save you a lot of spaces on your kitchen shelves.
Easy to clean and can be washed with a dishwasher.
Our Bamboo dinner sets are lightweight and easy to handle. Available in exciting colours which are sure to attract children and make them take a healthy diet.
Contains no cartoon characters which are printed with harmful paint. Our kids bamboo dinner sets are printed with non-toxic water-based paint which is completely harmless.

Key Feature of Bamboo Plates and Bowls set for ---kids
• Non-toxic
• Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
• BPA and Phthalate free
• Dishwasher friendly
• FDA and LFBG approved