Bamboo Plates

Buy Bamboo Plates online

Buy Bamboo plates online because regular plastic and melamine plates are toxic for your little one. All plastic utensils contain the harmful and dreaded chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is known to harm the immune system and is capable of disrupting the liver enzyme levels. Feed your kids in the non-toxic Bamboo plates which are available in two sizes and exciting colours. Buy bamboo plates online from Bobo&boo for BPA-free and non-toxic meal time. Our Bamboo plates are sustainable, durable and eco-friendly plates in India which ensures a healthy diet. Our bamboo plates are compatible for kids too. Or one can buy bamboo plates for kids online at altretail. 

Reusable and dishwasher-friendly Bamboo plates

Our Bamboo Plates online are reusable dinnerware. All types of food can be served in this bamboo fiber plates. Our bamboo plates possess antibacterial properties and are stain-free, odour-free and dishwasher friendly. 

Simple and Attractive Colors

Bobo and Boo's bamboo plates, fiber dinnerware, come in fancy colours. Our colours comprise of food-grade, mineral pigments that are added to the bamboo fibers. So you need not worry about colour leaching into foods from the bamboo plates. Our Bamboo plates can be easily stacked and look good because of their vibrant colours. Our bamboo plates can also be used as appetizer plates or party plates.

Eco-friendly and FDA Approved

Bobo&boo's bamboo plates do not cause any harm to the ecosystem. Bamboo requires very less water to grow and is the fastest growing plant on earth. With such qualities, our bamboo plates online are a sustainable and renewable mealtime option. Bamboo can be grown without using pesticides and insecticides. Our bamboo plates are non-toxic and all our bamboo plates are FDA and LFGB approved.

Non-toxic, BPA-free Bamboo plates in India

Most importantly, Bobo and Boo's Bamboo plates are BPA free. BPA and other cheap chemicals are used to make hard plastic plates. These chemicals are extremely harmful to our health. Also, these plastic plates when discarded end up in landfills and are very difficult to decompose. To make things worse, BPA seeps into food and liquids stored in plastic bottles. When we eat or drink them, it enters our system. BPA causes adverse effects on our health. Infants are more prone to health disorders caused by BPA. We recommend you to buy Bobo&Boo's bamboo plates online as they are safe for your health and the environment as well.

Our bamboo plates are designed for both kids and adults. We also have divided bamboo plates for toddlers and bamboo dinner plates for kids & adults. Bamboo divided plates come in two colour variations - dolphin blue and flamingo pink. Bamboo plates for kids and adults come in two colour variations as well - sunset and coastal. These bamboo plates are perfect for you and your kid's mealtime.