Buy Bamboo Dinnerware Online

Buy Bamboo Dinnerware online in India

Buy Bamboo dinnerware - Bamboo Plates, Bamboo cups and Bamboo bowls in India at the best price. Bobo & Boo's Bamboo plates, cups and bowls are made from natural bamboo fibres, are eco-friendly and completely BPA-free dinnerware. Plastic plates that contain BPA (Bisphenol A) are infamously known for containing harmful chemical plasticisers and pose a potential threat to our health when hot food is served in them. Our Bamboo Plates, Bamboo cups and Bamboo bowls are FDA approved and safe to use for all age groups, especially for kids. As the name suggests, all of our products are made from natural bamboo to ensure a safe & eco-friendly option for tableware. In addition to all these amazing features, bamboo bowls/cups are durable, stackable, light in weight and are designed keeping in mind tiny hands.

bobo&boo Bamboo Dinnerware's Features

  • BPA-Free Dinnerware
  • Made of High-quality Bamboo
  • Dishwasher Friendly
  • Captivating Colours
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use for kids
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic

Attractive colours

Bamboo dinnerware sets are available in many attractive and bright colours. They are definitely a stylish addition to your dinnerware collection. Bamboo cups are available in two different sizes which are categorized based on the age groups - one is Adult size and the other is Kids size Drinking cups. Likewise, Bamboo bowls are also categorized based on the usage - one is for Soups and cereals bowls and the other is Snack bowls. Just like Bamboo cups, Bamboo plates are also available in two different sizes. One size for kids and toddlers and the other is for adults. We also have a bento inspired plate for Kids with divided sections in the two bright pop colours – Blue & Pink. Explore & Buy Bamboo plates for kids in India from our store for a safe & healthy meal. All our products are designed in two different shades - Coastal and Sunset. Each shade features four different colours of Bamboo plates, cups and bowls.