Buy Bamboo Bowls online in India

Bobo&Boo provides Non-toxic and BPA free bamboo bowls for your kids. Our Bamboo bowls for children are ecofriendly and safe to use and available in two sizes.

BPA-free Bamboo bowls for Kids

Toddlers require constant care and attention. Food habits are created at this stage and it is very important for us to inculcate a healthy diet. Not just their food, but how we feed is as important as the food itself. Most kids are distracted while eating these days either with a screen or a toy or a book. Not just that, even the bowls we use are plastic and coated with cartoon prints.

Almost all plastics contain a toxic chemical called BPA. When hot food is served in plastic bowls, it causes BPA to leech into the food. If our kids eat this toxic food, then they are the chance of this affecting their health. Also, it is very difficult to flush the toxins out. It is important that we pay attention to the utensils we use for our kids. We recommend you to buy bamboo bowls for toddlers that are BPA & BPS free, eco-friendly and sustainable bowls to feed the kids. Bamboo bowls are non-toxic bowls and BPA and phthalate-free bowls. BPA is an industrial chemical, mostly found in plastics. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of adverse effects on the brain and prostate glands of infants. Our bamboo bowls are made from natural bamboo fibers which makes it eco-friendly and very safe to use. Bamboo Kid's Bowl does not retain odour from the previous meals so you can serve anything you want. They can be easily washed with hands and are dishwasher friendly. Bamboo bowls are biodegradable and it is the best alternative to plastics. Bamboo bowls for toddlers are lightweight and highly durable. Unlike ceramic bowls, they won't break easily. They also stack perfectly for better storage. Our bamboo bowls are made from bamboo fibers and other natural grains. As all the ingredients used to make bamboo bowls are natural and our bamboo bowls are approved by FDA and LFGB.

bobo&boo bamboo Kids bowls can be used to have cereals and soups. They can also be used as snack bowls. Our bamboo bowls for kids come in two colour variations, Sunset and Coastal. These bowls are perfect for your children's meals.

Benefits of using bamboo Bowls


Bamboo bowls are biodegradable. It is a sustainable and renewable form of product as bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth.

Not suitable for microwave:

Don’t microwave the bamboo bowl for kids. They are not microwave or oven safe. Don’t microwave the bamboo bowl for kids. They are not microwave or oven safe.