Buy Wooden toys for Kids online in India

Best Wooden Toys for Kids in India 

Altretail offers the best educational toys for kids in India. Our wooden toys for kids online in India are made of natural wood and free from all types of harmful chemicals and resins. Hence, we call it as the best wooden toys for kids in India. Every parent wants the best for their kids. Since the market is inundated with umpteen choices to choose from, we are just stranded with confusion which is the best in most of the occasions. But we are here for you. Altretail's wooden toys online in India are the best choice of toys for your kids because wooden toys are simple yet hold many benefits to the kid's mental development. Wooden toys online in India are also known as educational toys for kids. Yes, our wooden toys are capable of educating or letting kids learn things on their own which can develop their language skills, math skills, eye-to-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Wooden toys for kids in India might sound old school in this modern era overflowing with technological advancements. But the fact is, Wooden toys never went out of style. Wooden toys for kids are strong, highly durable, non-toxic unlike plastic toys and doesn't affect mental development. And most importantly, it promotes eco-friendly living and doesn't impose any harmful effects on the environment. Wooden toys online in India at altretail are made from natural and high-quality wood, birch plywood. Our Wooden toys for kids are designed with special care as they are hand-carved to make it easy-to-grip for the little fingers. Altretail's wooden toys are known for their quality and safety since our educational toys are made natural wood, doesn't contain harmful elements like PVC, BPA or Phthalates. Wooden toys for kids are designed with the best interest to advocate the Open-ended play. Our educational toys for kids are handcrafted in India from eco-friendly and child-safe materials.

Benefits of Wooden toys for kids

  • Sensory Development
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Language Development
  • Enhanced Mental Development
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Promotes Cognitive thinking and growth
  • Highly Safe from harmful Chemical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Enhances imaginative skills and creativity
  • Develops problem-solving ability

We believe that a good toy is 90% child and 10% toy. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we have researched and designed a small range of wooden toys that are sure to become heirloom pieces. Our toys are manufactured from the best quality materials that are safe for the child and the environment.