Why battery operated toys are bad for the mental development of kids?

Why battery operated toys are bad for the mental development of kids?

Often, the battery-operated electronic toys look beguiling for parents to buy for their kids. And it is true to some extent that these toys are sure to put a smile on your kid's face and take away most of the tantrums. But the real question is, are these electronic toys beneficial for kids? Does it enhance the mental development of the kid? The answer is a big NO! The reason for this is not just one but myriad. Nowadays parents are eager to buy electronic toys for their children just because electronic toys are marketed as learning or educational toys. Parents are hoodwinked into believing that these battery-operated toys are helpful for the betterment of growth and development, improve concentration and learning skills. But they are not fully aware of the harmful effects of these electronic toys.

Check out the harmful effects of Electronic toys on the mental development of kids:

  1. Hinders Interaction – In the traditional way of playing, children interact with the parent or caretaker while playing. But it’s a different story altogether when it comes to electronic toys. When children are provided with electronic toys, they get fixated and tap on the Remote controllers to be entertained. The interaction while playing enhances curiosity, language development and social skills. Since there is no interaction while playing with battery-operated toys, their curiosity and learning stop. They are entertained at a push of a button which hampers their creativity.
  2. Impairs hearing – Most electronic toys, today, play sounds like constant singing, beeping and buzzing sounds. These sounds are really harmful to children when heard continuously by them for a long time. And it might affect the hearing aid of the children at a very young age.
  3. Addiction to technology – Most children are addicted to television, smartphones and tablets. Children who spend more than 4 hours a day with any form of the screen are more likely to have a vision problem, lack of attention, obesity and other related health issues.

Alternative to electronic toys

Open-ended Wooden toys

Open-ended toys assist with the mental development of the kids. Many researchers have proven the above statement. Non-organic material like plastics is harmful to children when they put it in their mouth as it contains a harmful chemical, BPA (Bisphenol-A). Wooden toys are organic, non-toxic and antibacterial.  So we recommend buying wooden toys for your kids that provide healthy mental development and safer playtime. Since they are highly durable, wooden toys can be used for many generations between siblings, children and grandchildren. They are perceived as traditional play toys as they are passed from one generation to another generation. Using wooden toys also promotes eco-friendly living. Parents should be environmentally conscious and avoid using plastic, a non-biodegradable material. Many reports and studies show that landfills and oceans are clogged with plastic, consequently, causing harm to both human and marine life.

Natural Rubber toys

Natural Rubber toys, as the name suggests, are made of pure natural rubber to let the kids have safe and healthy playtime. And for the same reason, parents must let their kids play with the toys that are environmentally and socially sustainable. Natural Rubber toys are biodegradable, naturally soft, made for little fingers, squeezable, sustainable material, chemical-free and painted with non-toxic, plant-based inks. So it is safe for kids of all age.
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