Why is playdoh so good for your kids?

Why is playdoh so good for your kids?


In addition to providing hours of fun for your little ones, playing with play dough has numerous benefits that aid in child development in a variety of ways.


  • It develops fine motor skills – All that rolling, pulling, squeezing, cutting builds their fine motor skills
  • It encourages creativity and imagination – Simple playdough can be a cookie, castle, monster, robot, cupcake and many more imaginative things
  • It enhances hand-eye coordination – Poking in objects and pulling them away is great for developing hand-eye coordination
  • It improves social skills – Play dough on play dates is great and helps build collaborative play skills
  • It Improves pre-writing skills – The pliable property of playdough is great for building strength in those tiny hand muscles making them ready for pencil control
  • It helps them build their concentration
  • It's calming for children – We can’t stress enough the importance of this!


Our wooden stamping tool set is a great companion for all those play doh hours. It is made from premium quality beech wood and is completely safe, non-toxic and environment friendly too.


Do invest in some good quality play dough and play dough tools to enjoy hours of play and many learning opportunities that happen along the way.

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