Why buy a sewing board for your child?

Why buy a sewing board for your child?

Handwork is an important activity in both Montessori and Waldorf education. The benefits of handwork are multitude.

Finger Dexterity – the ability to hold a board, needle, pull a thread out and create pattern requires strong and steady fingers

Eye-hand Coordination – the ability to carry out a task based on the visual information our eyes receive

Build Concentration – From threading a needle to making patterns on a board, all require concentration and focus

Self-Expression – Sewing challenges the left brain thinking and is a great way to express ones creativity

Calming Tool – Being active with your hands can often quiet the mind. It is a great tool to help relieve stress and calm the nerves.  

 Our sewing board can be used as a lacing tool for toddlers, then be used to make small shapes for a 5 year old and then as they grow older they can use the same board for making easy to complex patterns.

You will be amazed at the developmental benefits children can gain from handwork.

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