Finger Dexterity and Why its important?

Finger Dexterity and Why its important?

As children grow, they put there hand in everything. That’s because, hands are the best tools to explore and understand the world around them. Hands help them explore, feel, and look at things more closely.

The more a child uses their hands and fingers, the stronger they get. More muscle strength allows them to perform more complex movements and have better control. 

Dexterity is the ability to use hands for a variety of tasks. The ability to hold a rattle, turn a page and build blocks is possible due to their hand strength and dexterity.  Hand strength and dexterity are two very important building blocks for so many movements a child makes. 

Using a needle and holding it between their index finger and thumb, helps them master the pincer grasp which is important when they start writing. Poking with the index finger and thumb teaches them that these are the “go to” fingers for manipulating and picking up objects. 

Our sewing board is perfectly sized for little hands and comes along with a big eye needle to help them master the art of threading a needle. This toy is great for mastering finger dexterity and having fun while doing so. Let their imagination soar and create patterns. 

Hand strength and dexterity have more benefits than just development of fine motor skills. They also help build gross motor skills like standing up, pulling, pushing and hand-eye co-ordination. 

The more your baby can do with her/his hands, the more she/he can play and explore.

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