7 things to remember when choosing safe stuffed toys for kids

7 things to remember when choosing safe stuffed toys for kids

Buying toys for your kids will always be at the top of your shopping list. Choosing perfect toys for your kids is like finding a needle in the haystack. Most often, we are confused among the captivating colourful choices of toys. There are lot of complications in choosing a toy for kids. Is this toy too advanced for his/her age? Will he/she like this animal toy? Is this material safe to play with? Are there any side effects of the material of the toy? Buying toys for kids that are safe is not as easy as you might think. These are very common questions and doubts that occur to every parent while toy shopping.

But worry no more! You are at the right place and we're here to help. Choosing safe stuffed toys for our kids can be a tedious process. But once you read this blog fully, choosing safe stuffed toys is no less than a piece of cake. It is highly recommended to buy toys that are made of washable material and that material is non-toxic and eco-friendly as well. Check out 7 things to remember when choosing safe stuffed toys for kids. And this blog will walk you through how to choose safe toys for kids. 

Avoid toys that come with a long string

Ensure toys don't have any string because babies tend to wrap them around the neck and choke. And babies tend to put anything in their mouth, so there are high chances that they could swallow the strings. It is always better to avoid such as toys which can cause serious problems.

Check for Removable parts


Plastic toys and action figures have removable parts on them. Even stuffed and soft toys come with removable parts like glass eyes and nose buttons. These parts are tiny and easy to swallow for kids. So before buying a toy, it is advised to read the instructions and user-manual so that we can ensure a safe playtime to our kids.

Avoid Toys with Batteries

For the same above-mentioned reason, batteries are tinier than those glass eyes and nose buttons. Kids can quickly swallow these tiny batteries. In case if you want to buy an electrically operated soft stuffed toy, then ensure that the battery panel is screwed and not able to open it easily by kids. 

Avoid toys with pointy and sharp edges

There are toys that are semi-stuffed soft toys where some of the parts are made of plastic to give a realistic touch to the toy. These toys will have sharp and pointy edges. 

Always buy high-quality toys

Before buying soft or stuffed toys always ensure that it doesn't have any flaws. Means be sure to check the sewn seam to know whether the toys are knitted tight enough.

Avoid buying low quality and poorly stitched soft stuffed toys for kids. Because kids and toddlers love to throw and try to pull and push things in their hands. When you give your kid that toy, they could easily rip off the toys and could put the stuffing inside the toys in their mouth in no time.

Not so tiny! Not so big!

You can't give your kid a toy that is twice or thrice their size. First of all, they could easily scare them. Second of all, even if they love to play with a gigantic gorilla, giving your kids big and heavy toy always includes the risk of falling on them which could easily suffocate them.


Always Choose Toys made of washable material

It is highly recommended to buy toys that are washable. Kids play with toys by rubbing and throwing it anywhere they like. To ensure safe and healthy playtime to your kids, it is best advised to wash the toys every once in a while. Because can accumulate germs and bacteria easily. When kids put those dirty toys in the mouth, it will affect their health.

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