4 ways to make Math Fun and Playful using our Number Coins

4 ways to make Math Fun and Playful using our Number Coins

Make Math Fun Through Play using our versatile Wooden Number Coins

We live in the digital era, where children don’t eat food till we put on their favourite show on TV. These shows include cartoons like Simba or Peppa Pig, Coco Melon and many more. However, not all children are the same, and a lot has to do with how their habits are nurtured. And one way we can help young children is by giving their thoughts the right direction. 

German educator and the father of kindergarten, Friedrich Frobel was the first to recognize that significant brain development occurs between birth and the age of 3.

Teaching them through play is the most fun and interactive way to bond with them and also help them learn. Our Wooden Number Coins are a fantastic educational tool for teaching children about numbers and math concepts, which is considered one of the most difficult of subjects.

From cooking to telling time to measuring distance, Math is applicable in every aspect of our life. But the very mention of this subject often induces fear and anxiety in most children. 

Showing them our fingers and narrating numbers is the easiest way to teach them 1, 2, 3, however, children won’t learn to recognize how a number is written. And learning numbers and counting is the foundation of understanding mathematical calculation.

1. Learn Number Recognition and Counting 

Imagine placing 5 apples and 4 oranges on a plate and asking the child to identify and place the number coin against it. We can also create problems with the coins and ask the children to place the fruits as an answer.
Number Coins make this even more interesting because one set of coins has counting dots at the back and the other set has the number spelled out.

This would not only help the child think and analyze a situation but also learn to spell.

What is number Sense?


2. Learn through Math talk

Children love stories. If the child is struggling with numbers or a Math concept, we can turn it into a story! Math stories help children remember and recall what they learned.

We can create a story around the mathematical concept and ask the child to solve the problem. This will help them look at a problem from multiple perspectives.


3. Draw and learn

Teaching through picture representations can help children understand the concept clearly and keep them engaged.

Add a twist to Pictionary with our number coins. We can show them a number and ask them to draw that many objects. We can also create drawing models or ask them to color the number of objects in their drawing book as picked by us. This can also be adapted to teach them addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Children learn through visuals and Math can be made fun through games like Pictionary while incorporating our Number Coins. 

4. Create friendly competitions

Competition does not imply winning over someone. To help them understand healthy competition and ensure their participation, we can come up with creative problems for the child and their playdate to solve together. It can be as simple as showing a number and asking them to get that many fruits, toys or cars. 

And let’s not forget to celebrate their accomplishments, whoever the winner be.

All-in-all, our Wooden Number Coins are an open-ended resource that works on building concentration, fine motor skills, memory and logic, all through play. This 34-piece set made with birch plywood comes in a drawstring bag for easy storage.

Lets make learning fun through play! 

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