Why Choose Us?

At ALT Retail, we create thoughtfully designed, sustainable products that encourage kids to explore, engage, connect and learn all through the power of play. We have a wide selection of products that work well for kids at each age, including early learning toys, dinnerware sets, and toys that help with their gross motor skills.

Open Ended Toys

Our toys don’t come with an instruction manual!

Sustainable Product

Unlike plastic toys, they aren’t ones to break that easily!


Removing Gender label from toys allows children to explore areas of real interest.

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Hello, I'm Diksha, the founder of Alt Retail.

The idea of launching Alt Retail struck back in 2018 when I was looking for alternatives to plastic toys for my toddler.

There were lesser options for sustainable & wooden toys in India, unlike battery-operated toys that are readily available in the market.

Back then, we partnered with BoboandBoo and introduced our first-ever line of bamboo Dinnerware products. As our brand grew, we introduced fun, open-ended, and gender-neutral toys that allow kids to play independently and stay calm!

About Us
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